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Introduction: Further Boost the Vibration of your Moon Water with Magical Moon Water Glasses

I often refer to Moon Water in general, but the New Moon and the Full Moon are different because they have different vibrations.  Since Magical Moon Bottles with differences for the New Moon and Full Moon have been used to make Moon Water, I decided I wanted to make an item to further enhance that power.  From that desire came Magical Moon Glasses.  These glasses have been designed with a number of enhancing features to further boost the power of your Moon Water. 

Every batch of Moon Water is a unique treasure.  You will never get Moon Water with the same vibration twice.  Moon Water made approximately every two weeks is condensed with the freshest vibrations of the Universe.  That’s why it’s so important to be particular about the type of glasses you use.  Another reason I recommend you drink Moon Water from a Magical Moon Glass is to firmly anchor yourself with the Moon so as to directly receive the power of the Universe.

The New Moon and Full Moon come each month without fail.  Using water as a means of absorbing the energy of the Moon and the Universe is an extremely easy fortune boosting and purification action.


I’m confident that the Magical Moon Bottles and Glasses will become powerful supporters to boost your personal fortune and the fortune of your home.  

Using the Magical Power of the New Moon and Full Moon for Fortune and Purification

Magical Moon Bottles and Glasses

What are Magical Moon Glasses?

Glasses to Boost the Power of Moon Water

There are many ways to use Moon Water made at the time of the New Moon and the Full Moon, but these are the two basic ways.

  1. Drink it.  This delivers the vibration of the Moon to each and every one of the 60 trillion cells in your body. 
  2. Purification.  Place Moon Water by your pillow at night, and purify your home while you sleep. 

The Magical Moon Glasses come in a set of two glasses, a drinking glass and a purification glass.  Just like Magical Moon Bottles, these glasses have been designed to maximize the property that ‘water remembers information.’ 

The drinking glass has been fitted with a motif which diffuses and amplifies energy, and the purification glass has been fitted with a motif which absorbs and contracts energy. 

Because of this Moon Water poured into each of these glasses is able to correctly fulfill its function. 

Features of Magical Moon Glasses

Keiko’s Original Motif Tailored to Each Glass

Each Magical Moon Glass has a distinct motif depending on whether it is to be used as a drinking glass or a purification glass.  These motifs were chosen after Keiko tested many different designs and determined that these designs were the best at boosting the Moon’s vibration. 

Drinking Glass

The drinking glass has been fitted with a motif which serves the function of delivering the vibration of the Moon to all of the cells in your body via diffusion and amplification. The main element of this motif is a heart, which contains energy full of love and happiness. 

Purification Glass

The purification glass has been fitted with an image depicting the waxing and waning of the Moon as it moves from the New Moon to the Full Moon.  This motif serves the function of circulating and absorbing negative energy and returning it to the Universe via absorption and contraction. 

A Deep Beautiful Blue 

As with the Magical Moon Bottle, the glasses are made of beautiful deep blue glass reminiscent of the Universe.  Not only does dark blue allow for the delicate vibration of the Moon to be further encoded, it also has a stabilizing and anchoring effect. 

Just using the Magical Moon Bottle alone will encode the vibration of the Moon in your Moon Water, but by using these glasses you will be able to enjoy Moon Water with even more vibration. 

Made from All Natural Fine Quality Glass

Just like the Magical Moon Bottle, the glasses are made from naturally sourced glass which is highly compatible with the vibration of the Moon.  Fine quality moderately thick glass has been selected so that the vibration of the Moon remains securely inside. 

Goblet with Stem and Feet to Protect Moon Water from Low Vibration Items

I’m sure you are aware that water records information.  Because of that, there are times when the energy of the location you place your Moon Water affects its quality. 

Since Moon Water is so precious, the glasses have been designed in the shape of a goblet with a stem and foot so that the water does not come in contact with low vibration items.  As such the bowl at the top of the glass which contains the Moon Water is conveniently floating above the stem and foot of the glass. Thanks to this design the delicate vibration of the Moon can be maintained for long periods of time. 

Keiko’s Method to Utilize your Magical Moon Glass 120%

Making Perfect More Powerful Moon Water 

Here are some tips to further boost the vibration of your Moon Water and fully utilize the features of the Magical Moon Glass. 

When You Make Moon Water, Expose the Glasses to the Moonlight too

STEP 1  When you make New Moon Water or Full Moon Water, place your glasses near your Magical Moon Bottle, and let them bathe in the moonlight as well. This allows the glasses themselves to thoroughly catch the vibration of the Moon. 

Pour Your Completed Moon Water into your Drinking Glass

STEP 2  Pour your completed Moon Water into your Drinking Glass (the glass with the heart shaped motif), and drink it.  

From the very moment the Moon Water enters the glass from the bottle, the expansion and amplification vibrations encoded on the glass will be added to the Moon Water. 

You can use the Magical Moon Glass for both New Moon Water and Full Moon Water. 

Place the Purification Glass By Your Pillow While you Sleep 

STEP 3   Pour Moon Water into the Purification Glass (the glass with the Waxing and Waning Moon Symbol) and place it near your pillow (on either the left or right side of your bed) and enjoy your sleep.  Fortune will enter from the foyer of your home, and grow in your bedroom. 

While you are asleep the Moon Water which you poured into the purification glass will absorb the negative energy of your bedroom, and any negative energy which you gathered throughout the course of your day.  Be sure to discard the Moon Water the following morning without drinking it. 


Magical Moon Bottles and Glasses

Use the Magical Power of the New Moon Full Moon to Simultaneously Boost Your Fortune and Purify

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