What is Moon Water?

What is Moon Water?

Boosting Fortune and Purification from Within Your Body

Moon Water is water encoded with the vibration of the Moon. There are two types of Moon Water; New Moon Water which is made at the time of the New Moon, and Full Moon Water, which is made at the time of the Full Moon.

There are many ways to catch the vibration of the Moon, but the vibration has great compatibility with liquids such as water and oil, so Moon Water is an effective way of absorbing the Moon’s vibration. Moon Water is water that receives the vibration of the Moon from within the body.

Wash Away Negative Energy Using the Power of the Moon and Water

Clearing, or purification, requires the power of water. The power of the Moon and water wash away negative and old energy, and create space for good fortune to enter. In fact, clearing is absolutely essential if you want to attract fortune and opportunity. In other words, ‘without clearing there can be no fortune.’

Clearing from Within Your Body

The power of purification is at its peak every month at the time of the New Moon and the Full Moon. If you want to cleanse the negative energy that subconsciously builds up inside you, it is best to make use of this cycle which repeats itself every two weeks.

Making top-quality New Moon Water and Full Moon Water to purify energy from within the body is what inspired me to create the Magical Moon Bottle New & Full Moon.

Magical Moon Water Bottle and Glass

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    Use the Magical Power of the New Moon Full Moon to Simultaneously Boost Your Fortune and Purify

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