Karma Cleansing Set- Create a spiral of good fortune!



Keiko’s Message 

“No matter how hard I try, I can’t get any good results at work.”

“I keep failing in my relationships.”

“I don’t know why, but my love life always seems to go wrong for the same reason.” 

One of the reasons why things always seem to go wrong for some reason, or why you have weaknesses or difficulties is none other than karma.  Indeed, karma could be considered as “homework you inherited from a past life.”

I refer to karma as “the pitfall of fortune” because when we are burdened with karma, it causes our energy to leak and our good fortune to spill out.  

There are certainly ways to plug this pitfall, such as working on the homework you’ve been given from your past lives and changing your consciousness and your behavior.   

However, doing this requires self-analysis, patience, and constant effort. 

What I want to reassure everyone is that karma can be sublimated as long as there’s a proper catalyst.

Fire has such strong energy that it can change the shape of things and erase them without a trace.  I would like you to use fire energy to erase your karma and shift your life to a life that will create a spiral of good fortune.  

That is why I made this Karma Cleansing Set. 

This is a set that specializes in the sublimation of karma, using the four elements of Fire, Air, Earth and Water to eliminate all kinds of negative energy as well as karma. 

Over a year has passed since we shifted from the Earth Era to the Air Era, and if you feel like “you haven’t been able to ride the wave of fortune,” or “you haven’t been able to seize opportunities”, or that “things just haven’t been going your way,” then it’s quite possible that karma you carried over from your past lives may be the root cause. 

On that note, please be sure to take advantage of this timing to make the most of the energy of the Universe to sublimate your karma and become lighter in body and mind

By doing so you can surely create a spiral of good fortune that will continue well into the Air Era. 


Create a Spiral of Good Fortune! 

Karma Cleansing Set


Paper incense for karma sublimation

Small plate for burning incense and candles (Pentagonal plate) 

Morion quartz pebbles

Organic benzoin essential oil (10ml) 

Palm candles

PRICE   $108 USD 


Karma is blocking your good fortune in the Air Era

Even though we have entered a new era, there are still so many people bound by old customs, assumptions, and preconceived notions.  To some extent, this is to be expected, since the Earth Era lasted for over 250 years, making it hard to adjust to new customs overnight. 

However, failure to adapt can cause you to unconsciously limit yourself with old conventions and preconceived notions, such as “I’ve never done this before” or “I’m not capable of doing this” and as a result, you may end up missing out on opportunities that come your way. 

Another reason why you might not be able to shift to the lighter mood of the Air Era, is because of karma. 

Karma is very much like homework inherited from your past lives that you must overcome in this life, and it manifests itself in the form of weaknesses and finding things difficult to deal with.  

No matter how many waves of good fortune come your way, you’ll be unable to ride them if you’re constantly being held back by karma. 

Now that the Air Era is in full swing, the most important thing to tackle is dealing with your karma

An opportunity to sublimate your karma is coming! 

Since karma comes from your past lives, you might think that it’s something that you have absolutely no control over, right?  However, that’s not the case at all! 

In fact, there are a number of different cleansing actions that are capable of acting as a catalyst for sublimating karma.  

You can wash away karma with water, blow it away in the air, or bury it in the earth, but the most powerful way of getting rid of karma is to reduce it to ashes using fire. 

The key, however, is the timing of when you reduce it to ashes.  In order to effectively sublimate karma, it’s important to do it at the right time. 

The Karma Cleansing Set was created to ensure that the ceremony is performed at the perfect time so that your karma is thoroughly cleansed away. 

Dispel negative energy with the four elements

Karma Cleansing Set

The Karma Cleansing Set consists of palm candles, incense sheets for karma sublimation, morion quartz pebbles, organic benzoin essential oil, and a plate for placing the candle and incense on.  

The energy of the candle’s flame will reduce your karma to ashes.  In addition, the smoke which rises from the incense is air energy, the morion quartz is earth energy, and the benzoin oil is water energy, which means that all four elements of the Universe are present in this Karma Cleansing Set.  These four energies work together to produce a synergistic effect that will sublimate your karma

You can write “what you want to burn away” and “what you want to give up” directly on the incense, and then light it and burn it.  The power of the fire and the smoke will sublimate the karma within you to the Universe.


Morion quartz is the highest stone for dispelling negative energy, and benzoin oil has a long history of being used in religious ceremonies since ancient times to dispel evil spirits, which enhance the power of karma sublimation even more.  

Additionally, the candles and the morion quartz were attuned* at the time of the New Moon in Virgo, and the Full Moon in Pisces, the most purifying New Moon and Full Moon of the year, which makes them even more effective when it comes to karmic sublimation.  

*Attuning vibrations through moonlight bathing and other methods

When your energy stops leaking… 

Your life will start to take off!

When karma is entrenched in your life, it doesn’t matter how much fortune or opportunity comes your way, or how hard you try to attract fortune, it often doesn’t work out at all. 

If you experience weak points in your work, love life, relationships, or daily life, characterized by thoughts such as, “I’m trying my hardest but somehow it’s not working out” or “I always make the same mistakes over and over again,” it may be due to energy leakage caused by karma

Please take this opportunity to conduct a karma cleansing which will allow you to sublimate the karma which is causing your energy to leak, and allow you to regain the good fortune which is rightfully yours. 

Once your pitfall of luck has been covered over, a wheel of fate will begin to turn in your favor, and without a doubt you’ll be able to ride an upward spiral which will bring good fortune to your life

Karma Cleansing Set


Paper incense for karma sublimation

Small plate for burning incense and candles (Pentagonal plate) 

Morion quartz pebbles

Organic benzoin essential oil (10ml)

Palm candles

PRICE   $108 USD

Karma Cleansing Set

Contents & Features

The Karma Cleansing Set includes five items. 

All of these items are necessary to burn away karma carried over from past lives, sublimate it with smoke, and transform your life into a spiral of good fortune. 

  1. Paper Incense Sheets to sublimate karma  (Three sheets) [Each sheet can be used three times] 
  2. A small plate for incense and candles 
  3. Morion Quartz 
  4. Organic Benzoin Essential Oil (10ml)
  5. Palm Candles (Eight Candles) 


Feature #1

Frankincense Incense

The Pinnacle of Purification

This set includes three incense sheets that can be used to write down what you want to let go of or erase from your life.  These incense sheets are then burned using the flame from the candle. 

The incense is made of paper and contains the essential oil of frankincense, which is the pinnacle of purification.  Each sheet is designed to be cut into three pieces, making a total of nine sheets of purifying incense.  

Three different motifs, that have been designed by Keiko to channel the power of karma sublimation, have been printed on one side of the incense.  

All of these motifs have been designed to support the efficient sublimation of karma, while simultaneously incorporating patterns that have been used throughout time in religious ceremonies and rituals. 

Feature #2 

Small Plate and Morion Quartz

To amplify the energy of karmic sublimation 

The small plate which is used for lighting the candle and placing the lit incense on has also been designed to amplify purification and karmic sublimation.  It is said that pentagonal shapes have a particularly strong power that can guide you to success in a way that leaves no room for negative energy to enter

Inscribed on the middle of the plate is a six-pointed star design.  The six-pointed star is also a very powerful symbol, which has been used since ancient times to ward off evil and indicate a state of balance between body and spirit.  

Furthermore, the morion quartz pebbles, which are placed on top of the plate, are synonymous with “dispelling negative energy.”

Morion quartz is the perfect stone for karmic sublimation because of its strong power to protect against evil spirits, anxiety, and negative energy.  To further promote purification, we have attuned the energy of the New Moon in Virgo on September 7th, and the Full Moon in Pisces on September 21st into the morion quartz pebbles. 

Lighting the candle and burning the incense on top of the morion quartz and the plate, which both have the energy to ward off negative energy, will further amplify the energy of karmic sublimation.  

Feature #3

Organic Benzoin Essential Oil

Historically used to exorcize evil spirits 

Benzoin has been used since ancient times to ward off evil spirits as well as in religious ceremonies.  It has a sweet vanilla-like scent, and is believed to ease anxiety and tension, as well as to warm frozen hearts and help them heal from grief.  

By adding a drop or two of organic benzoin essential oil to the frankincense incense paper and burning it, the vibration of the scent will remove any negative feelings and other things that are holding you back. 

Feature #4


Infused with New Moon and Full Moon cleansing energy


The palm candles, which are used to light the incense, are representative of the element of fire.  Karma can be sublimated by burning the incense using this fire, which has the power to reduce things to ashes.  

The candles have been attuned twice, first on the New Moon in Virgo on September 7th, and again on the Full Moon in Pisces on September 21st, in order to help cleanse karma as well as any negative energy and evil spirits that may be around you. 

Karma Cleansing Set

This set is recommended for people who:

  • Want to overcome their weaknesses 
  • Want to let go of old beliefs and attitudes
  • Want to change their lives completely 
  • Want to let go of their trauma 
  • Want to change the course of their lives
  • Are having trouble with their relationships
  • Are trying hard but have not been successful 
  • Mistakenly believe that they are incapable of having a happy love life 
  • For some reason are always interrupted and things don’t go well

A note about attunement of the Karma Cleansing Set

The morion quartz and palm candles in the Karma Cleansing Set, were attuned to the power of the New Moon in Virgo on September 7th, and the Full Moon in Pisces on September 21st, when the purification power of the Universe was at its maximum.  

September 7th New Moon in Virgo

The power to shift reality 

Virgo is a sign with strong purification and regulating powers.  It should be noted that on the occasion of the New Moon in Virgo on September 7th there was a Kite, which is an even more powerful version of the earth’s Grand Trine, which made its power to shift reality even more powerful

When something needs to be adjusted or fixed, this is the time to do it, because it has the power to dramatically change reality.  

September 21st Full Moon in Pisces 

Wash away old trauma

The Full Moon in Pisces on September 21st was beneficial for shedding negative thoughts and trauma, but because Neptune, the ruler of Pisces was conjunct, the power to wash away things and let bygones be bygones was even more powerful than normal.

Thanks to all five celestial bodies (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) being in retrograde, it was especially good timing for helping to wash away old trauma.

How to Use your Karma Cleansing Set 

Recommended for use at the Full Moon and New Moon 

when Fire Energy accelerates 

The Karma Cleansing Set is designed to sublimate karma with fire. 

Keiko recommends using it on Full Moons and New Moons in the sign whose ruling planet is Mars, which literally has the energy of fire.  

Basic Uses

1) Place the candle on the plate and then place the morion quartz pebbles around the candle. Then light the candle. 

2) Tear off a piece of incense and write what you want to let go of on the plain side. 

3) Put a drop or two of organic benzoin essential oil on the piece of incense paper that you wrote on.  *If you use too much oil, the incense paper will become too damp and will be easily extinguished. 

4) Take the candle off of the plate, and place the combustion mat on top of the morion quartz pebbles. 

5) Fold the incense sheet into a bellows form to facilitate burning, light the incense with the candle flame, and then place it on top of the combustion mat.  

6) Leave the incense in place until it has completely burned out. *You can extinguish the candle flame.

7) When the incense has finished burning, tell the Universe in your heart how grateful you are that whatever it was that you were unable to let go of has finally been burned away and sublimated. 

An example of how to write what you want to let go of 

When you write down what you want to let go of, use phrases like, “I am going to get rid of __________” or “ I am going to let go of ____________” or “I am going to break the habit of ____________.”  These phrases will allow you to imagine whatever it is you want to break free from disappearing completely from your mind. 

Here are a few examples for you to take into consideration: 

  • I am going to get rid of the feelings in my heart that I have for my ex. 

  • I am going to let go of my worries about money in the future and my dissatisfaction with my current salary. 

  • I am going to let go of my habit of holding back and trying to fit in with others because I don’t want to be hated. 

  • I am going to get rid of the pointless belief that I can’t do anything right. 

  • I have always been angry about the one thing that Mr. XX said to me, but I am going to let go of that anger. 

  • I am going to break the habit of always dating married people.

  • I am going to let go of negative feelings toward my parents and my siblings. 

  • I am going to break the habit of always comparing myself to others and not being able to feel good about myself.   

Create a Spiral of Good Fortune! 

Karma Cleansing Set


Paper incense for karma sublimation

Small plate for burning incense and candles (Pentagonal plate) 

Morion quartz pebbles

Organic benzoin essential oil (10ml) 

Palm candles

PRICE   $108 USD