Salt Crystal Pillow-Reprogram your subconscious mind while you sleep and grow your fortune rapidly!



Keiko’s Message 

It’s been about a month since 2021 began according to the cosmic calendar.  I am sure that you are feeling the changes of the times in many ways. 

Under such circumstances, have you been sleeping well lately? 

As a result of the rapid growth of the information society and recent changes to work styles, more and more people are spending longer hours in front of their computer screens and smartphones at work, or surfing the internet, playing online games, or social networking until just before they fall asleep at night. 

As a result, I’m sure many of you end up waking up still feeling tired or not feeling totally refreshed. 

This’s a sign that your body, brain, and mind are not getting enough rest at night. 

I often say that fortune is made while you sleep, but this is only true if you get a good night’s sleep. 

When your nerves are running high or your body is in a constantly tired state, the purification of your subconscious mind and the anchoring with the Universe, which takes place while you are asleep, will not be successful, and as a result your fortune is incapable of flourishing.  

During the Air Era, which will continue for the next 200 years, people need to be aware of their physical health and balance. 

If that’s not the case, it will be difficult for you to develop an unshakable personal axis and grow your fortune. 

The Salt Crystal Pillow is an item designed to promote deep high-quality sleep, which is full of high-vibrations, based on the concept of Moon Wellness, a lifestyle that I advocate for everyone.

Many people have already been using this product in Japan, and I have received plenty of feedback, perhaps because people are starting to realize the importance of high-quality sleep. 

The effectiveness of this pillow lies in the high purifying power of the salt and the crystals, the power of the three herbs that promote restful and pleasant sleep, and finally, the attunement* of the Moon’s vibrations into it. 

Human beings are said to spend one third of their lives asleep, and this Salt Crystal Pillow has the power to change that time from ordinary “sleep time” to beneficial “Moon Wellness time.”


Using the Salt Crystal Pillow will help you to purify your subconscious mind and experience a good night’s sleep that will expand your fortune, while you sleep. 

(*) Vibration attunement through moonlight bathing and other methods. 



Becoming more aware of your body in the Air Era

In December 2020, after approximately 250 years of the Earth Era, the world entered the Air Era.  As Keiko has pointed out many times in the past, the Air Era will bring about more and more information technology and see an increase in virtual reality.  It is quite possible that many of you have already experienced some of the effects of this trend. 

Unfortunately, when we become overly focused on virtual reality, we have a tendency to neglect our own bodies. 

This is not only bad for our physical and mental health, but it also has a negative effect on our fortune.  That’s because our bodies act as temples for our spirits, and it’s through our bodies that we receive signs and energy from the Universe. 

If your body is not healthy, not only will your personal vibrations be weaker, but you may not be able to maintain a good balance between your mind and body. 

In the Air Era it’s so important to first and foremost take care of your body and keep it in good condition so that you can solidify your personal Moon sign power, otherwise known as your personal axis. 

Now more than ever, it’s important to get a good night’s sleep 

In the Air Era, when taking care of the condition of your body is even more important than it was during the Earth Era, you need to focus on paying close attention to your quality of sleep. 

Of course, a well-balanced diet and moderate exercise are also important, but when all is said and done, deep sleep and getting a good night’s rest are just as important as good nutrition. 

This is because during sleep, our body not only repairs our cells, but also organizes and replenishes our consciousness and our emotions, and stores up power so that we can stay energized the following day. 

At some point in your life you have probably experienced that regardless of how incredibly tired you were, you felt lighter the next day after a good night’s sleep, or no matter how depressed you were, you felt refreshed the next morning after getting a good night’s sleep. 

This is all due to the power of good deep sleep. 


In modern times, it’s particularly hard for many people to get a good night’s sleep because they remain glued to their smartphones until just before they fall asleep, or because they work so many hours a day that they have less time for sleep at night. 

Additionally, because of increasing concerns about infectious diseases, your personal health and the health of your family members are more important than ever before, so you need to be extra conscious of getting a good night’s sleep in order to avoid fatigue and boost your immune system.

Reprogram your subconscious mind and efficiently cultivate good fortune when you sleep

The main reason why Keiko emphasizes the importance of a good night’s sleep is precisely because “fortune is made when you sleep.” 

As touched upon earlier, when we sleep, our bodies sort out the events and emotions that occurred during the previous day, but it’s also during this time that we positively reprogram our subconscious mind and efficiently cultivate good fortune. 

Sleep is an action that anyone can undertake in order to improve the condition of their body.  It’s the very essence of “Moon Wellness,” Keiko’s method of maintaining a healthy body and mind by incorporating the energy and rhythm of the Moon into your lifestyle. 

The Salt Crystal Pillow is a revolutionary item developed by Keiko that allows you to get a good night’s sleep, while positively reprogramming your subconscious mind, and efficiently cultivating good fortune. 

A high-vibrational pillow containing salt, crystals, and three kinds of mixed herbs


The Salt Crystal Pillow, as the name suggests, is a “salt” based pillow.  Salt has been used since ancient times for purification and to ward off evil spirits. To further purify the subconscious mind, crystals, which are a synonym for purification, have been mixed into the salt, and finally three herbs that support restful and peaceful sleep have also been added. 

In addition to its purifying power, salt also absorbs trapped heat, thus allowing you to sleep comfortably all night long.  In other words, salt helps create the ideal sleeping conditions, known since ancient times as “cool head warm feet,” which are necessary in order to achieve high-quality deep sleep. 

The pleasant scent of the blended herbs will also help to relax your mind and restore your nerves to a calm state.

Last but not least, the pillow has been specially attuned to connect it with the vibration of the Moon.

Using this Salt Crystal Pillow will help you to automatically clear your subconscious mind, reprogram your positive emotions, attract good fortune, and get a good night’s sleep. 

Salt Crystal Pillows are recommended for people who:

  • Want to get a good night’s sleep
  • Want to purify their bodies of negative vibrations
  • Want to reprogram their subconscious mind
  • Want to cultivate good fortune while they sleep
  • Want to connect with the Moon while they sleep
  • Currently don’t sleep well or often wake-up feeling unrefreshed
  • Want to reset and regulate their physical condition through sleep


Salt Crystal Pillow 

[With three types of dry herbs for peaceful sleep]

Reprogram your subconscious mind while you sleep 

and grow your fortune rapidly! 

Pillow & Cover: PRICE 

Benefits of the Salt Crystal Pillow 

This section will explore the effects and benefits of salt and salt pillows in particular.  Please note that the following is a general explanation, and effects may vary depending on the individual. 

Salt has a long history of purifying and warding off evil spirits

Since ancient times salt was considered to be a very important commodity; so much so that in ancient Rome, salt was provided as a salary to soldiers.  And of course, salt has also been used since ancient times for purification and to ward off evil spirits.  In Japan in particular, salt is recognized as a sacred substance that purifies physical sites from impurities.  This is reflected in the custom of “morishio” or the act of placing salt in front of entrances to homes and business establishments in order to ward off evil spirits, and the practice of sumo wrestlers sprinkling salt in the ring prior to matches in order to purify the ring.  

The reason why Keiko developed bath salts is because bathing with coarse salt or Dead Sea salt in your bathtub helps to remove negative vibes from your body. 

Helps to boost metabolism and improve blood flow

Salt can also make our lives more comfortable.  That’s because salt is said to have a cooling effect, and a regulating effect on blood flow. 

Let’s explain in more detail. 

Salt has the ability to absorb heat, and draw out trapped heat through endothermic reactions.  On the other hand, it also has the ability to increase metabolism and improve blood circulation. 

It also helps to balance the nervous system, relax the body, and recover fatigue. 

Salt facilitates falling asleep and better quality sleep  

The Salt Crystal Pillow takes advantage of this beneficial effect of salt.  Since ancient times a famous Japanese adage maintains that in order to achieve high-quality sleep one must keep “their head cool and their feet warm.”

The moment we fall asleep, our body temperature gradually starts to cool down.  At that time, if your head is flushed or your feet are cold, the heat-absorbing effect of the salt will draw the heat from your head in order to create the ideal conditions for falling asleep. 

  • The heat-absorbing effect of salt draws excess heat out of your head
  • As a result your head becomes cooler and your feet become warmer, which subsequently activates your parasympathetic nervous system
  • This allows you to fall asleep comfortably and get a good night’s sleep

This is the ideal situation.

The wonderful thing about salt pillows is not only do they absorb heat temporarily, but they also continue to cool down the parts of the body that are in contact with them after you have fallen asleep.  Furthermore, they maintain this cool temperature for an extended period of time, so you can continue to sleep comfortably while the pillow absorbs heat as you sleep. 

Features and Specialties of the Salt Crystal Pillow 

Key 1: Special salt from Nagasaki Japan 

Salt has high thermal conductivity, which allows heat from your head to be released.  In addition, the cooling effect of salt has the ability to keep your neck at a comfortable temperature, which helps to promote the ideal “cool head, warm feet” condition which is necessary for peaceful sleep. 

It’s estimated that a typical person loses approximately 17 fluid ounces (500ml) of perspiration while they are asleep.  Considering the fact that the salt in the pillow has to absorb such large quantities of perspiration while we are asleep, this pillow is made using specially-sourced salt from Nagasaki Prefecture, which has an extremely low water content. 



Skin temperature comparison data of salt pillows vs. comparison pillows


27 = 80.6

28 = 82.4

29 = 84.2

30 = 86

31 = 87.8

32 = 89.6

33 = 91.4

34 = 93.2

35 = 95

Time in minutes  0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25

Conventional Pillows 

Salt Pillows*

*Salt Pillows refers to Keiko’s Salt Crystal Pillow

Research conducted by the Fukuoka Industrial Technology Center Interior Research Laboratory


Because the specially-sourced Nagasaki salt has an extremely low water content, it does not harden or become sticky when it absorbs moisture. 

Furthermore, the smooth and fine texture of the salt grains means that they do not feel lumpy when you place your head on them, which helps you to fall asleep comfortably. 

Point 2 

Key 2: Tiny crystals to promote purification 

Keiko’s theory is that fortune grows while you sleep.  In order to properly grow your fortune, it’s essential that you clear your subconscious mind of negative emotions, experiences, and other negative vibes while you sleep.  

To further enhance the purifying power of the salt, we have added crystal pebbles to this pillow, since they are synonymous with purification.  

The surface of the pillow is smooth because the crystal pebbles, which are about the size of your pinky finger nail (⅖ inch / 1cm) have been evenly mixed into the salt.  Therefore the hardness of the crystal is not noticeable, allowing you to sleep peacefully. 

Key 3: Aromatic herbs to help induce deep sleep 

This pillow contains a blend of three dried herbs carefully selected by Keiko to promote deep sleep.  The scent works directly on the limbic system of the brain and also has a positive effect on the subconscious mind. 

From the viewpoint of Moon Wellness, rose, lavender, and German chamomile, have been added to support high-quality deep sleep.  If you feel that the fragrance of the pillow has started to fade, lightly rub the body of the pillow to make the scent come out again. 


Roses have a soft and sweet fragrance that soothes and calms the mind.  They are known to evoke a sense of well-being, and also have sedative and immunoregulatory effects. 

German chamomile

German chamomile has a sweet, herbal scent that helps to ease tension, anxiety, depression, and calm the mind.  It also helps to induce a pleasant sleep, and is recommended for those who have trouble falling asleep. 


Lavender is a herb that is famous for its relaxing effects.  It’s known for its ability to balance emotions, calm the mind, and support restful sleep. 

Key 4: The cover is 100% cotton and machine washable 

The cover, which comes into direct contact with your head and face, is made of smooth cotton.   Cotton is a natural material with high moisture absorption and releasing properties.  As for items that come into direct contact with the skin, Keiko’s motto is to always use naturally sourced high-quality materials, and from the viewpoint of Moon Wellness, we have selected the best materials. 

The cover is removable, which allows it to be hand or machine washed at home, so it can always be used in a clean condition. 

Key 5: Large enough to cover your neck and the back of your head 

To help you get a deep and restful sleep, this pillow is large enough to cover a wide area around your neck and back of your head (about 7.48 inches x 11.42 inches / 19cm x 29cm). 

By placing the pillow along the curve of your neck, your neck will be comfortably supported, and the cooling effect of the salt will keep your head temperature at a comfortable level, thus supporting deep sleep. 

Attunement of the Salt Crystal Pillow 

The aim of this pillow is to improve your Moon Wellness.  To help you connect your subconscious mind to the energy rhythm of the Moon while you sleep, your pillow will be attuned* to the planetary frequency of the Moon (210.42Hz), the celestial body which controls our true essence and promotes purification. 

Each celestial body has its own unique “frequency.”  This frequency can be calculated from the relationship between each planet’s orbital (the period of one revolution around the Sun) and its overtones.  This is then tuned one by one with a special tuning fork. 

* Vibration attunement through moonlight bathing and other methods.  

How to use your Salt Crystal Pillow 

The pillow is very easy to use.  Please start using it from the day you receive it. 

  1. Place your Salt Crystal Pillow on top of the pillow that you normally use. 
  2. Adjust the position of the pillow so that it rests below your neck as show in the picture 

*If you are concerned about the height of your pillow, you can replace your regular pillow with a folded bath towel and place your Salt Crystal Pillow on top of the towel to adjust the height. 

Questions & Answers about the use of this pillow 

It feels like the salt inside has become hard… 

The salt inside your pillow may harden slightly due to how much you perspire at night or how much humidity is in your room.  In this case, regularly hang it to dry in a well-ventilated location. 

Incidentally, it has also been said that salt has a tendency to harden when there’s an accumulation of negative vibes in it.  If that’s the case, it’s best to rub your pillow thoroughly and dry it in the sun if possible. 

How long can I use this pillow for? 

On average, six months of use is a good rule of thumb. 

Can I wash the pillow cover? 

Yes, the pillow cover is both hand and machine washable. 

Can I wash the pillow itself? 

You should avoid washing or soaking your pillow in water as the salt inside will dissolve if it gets wet.  Also, please refrain from using your pillow when your hair is wet. 

The “cooling sensation” seems to have faded… 

If your pillow is left in a warm room for a long period of time, it may become too warm for your liking.  If this happens, feel free to place your pillow in the refrigerator for a few hours to make it cooler.  Be sure to enjoy using your pillow at your own preferred temperature so as to ensure the most comfortable sleeping experience.