FAQ: Moon Water

Q.1  What is the difference between New Moon Water and Full Moon Water?

A.1  They are literally just that.  New Moon Water is encoded with the vibration of the New Moon, and Full Moon Water is encoded with the vibration of the Full Moon.   

New Moon Water:  

Brings new energy and regenerative energy to our cells. The New Moon is full of power suitable for starting new things and resetting things.  New Moon Water inspires new challenges, and washes negative feelings out of our bodies. 

Full Moon Water: 

The Full Moon has fulfillment, completion and happiness energy.  As such, Full Moon Water delivers happiness, appreciation and wish fulfillment energy to your cells. When you drink Full Moon Water, be sure to imagine gratitude and love for the Universe and the people around you, and you will be wrapped in the vibration of the New Moon. 

Q.2  Can you make Moon Water in the Magical Moon Glass? 

A.2  It isn’t possible to make perfect vibration Moon Water in this glass. The Moon’s vibration is light and delicate, so in a glass with a wide opening at the top, the vibration does not get encoded properly into the water. 

The reason that Magical Moon Bottles have a thin neck and a cap on top, is so the vibration of the Moon is confined inside the bottle and the vibrations are encoded into the water. 

Q.3  Should the Purification Glass only be used with New Moon Water?

A.3  No. You can also pour Full Moon Water in the purification glass and place it by your pillow.  The purifying power of the New Moon scrapes off and washes away, whereas the purifying power of the Full Moon naturally lets go of unnecessary things because of being satisfied.  So Full Moon Water also has high purification abilities and can be used for purification purposes.

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